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3,000 Microdot Kit ( DIY ),Recoveri Tag What's Yours

3,000 Microdot Kit ( DIY )

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Recoveri Microdots also known as Microtags, cannot be removed without causing damage to assets. Once an asset is damaged, legally selling it will be more difficult.
Each AIN or PIN contains a detailed description of assets that are registered onto the Recoveri Asset Register. This is a free service. 
Separate assets’ AIN or PIN's can be grouped; this allows you the convenience of tracing, managing, monitoring and comparing asset information.
Microdotting with Recoveri is not only a reasonably priced solution but also a convenient solution. A unique solution can be compiled especially for your personal asset management strategy.

Micro dotting assets provide absolute proof of ownership; this increases the chances of your assets being recovered if stolen and retrieved.
The Recoveri Asset Registration can be changed and updated by the customer themselves or they can be assisted by the customer contact centre.
The Recoveri Asset Register’s security is at the same level as banking websites encryption and security. Users need authorization in the form of a username and password in order to access the information.
Law enforcement agencies use specialised equipment to view the AIN or PIN number on the microdots. Once they know what the asset’s AIN number is, they can trace who the owner of the asset is via the Recoveri Asset Registration database.