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South African National Standard for Microdot Systems

A standard is a formal document with specifications, requirements, and protocols to ensure uniform technical procedures.

The South African National Standard for Microdot Systems is a collaborative document written by a Standards Committee and maintained by the Standards Division of SABS (South African Bureau of Standards) 

SANS 534-1 forms the basis for consumer protection, health, safety and environmental issues and describes the characteristics and methods of the fitment of microdots to vehicles. It also describes the processes needed to ensure the integrity, authenticity and confidentiality of the entire microdot production, supply, storage and fitment systems. 

SANS 534-1 also defines the minimum performance of the adhesive used to affix microdots to vehicles and makes recommendations regarding the security of the information systems that link the microdot data to the vehicle data.

This document is used as the authoritative basis for most global microdot standards. 

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