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Recoveri Lands in Hawaii

Recoveri is proud to announce that we have recently signed Wendell Takata as our Hawaii distributor. Wendell is a retired Honolulu PD Auto Theft Detective and shares the Recoveri passion for protecting your assets from the criminal element.  If you are a resident or business located in Hawaii, you can rest easier knowing that our Recoveri Microdots will increase your recovery rate on stolen assets up to 90%.

You can contact  Mr. Takata and get your automobile fitted with 15,000 Recoveri Microdots, as well as two window decals that have been proven to deter theft up to 70%.  For your smaller personal assets such as cell phones, jewelry, computers, televisions, game consoles, power tools and firearms, you can purchase our 1000 and 3000 dot kits.

Crime in Hawaii

The following table was taken from the 2012 Crime Report prepared by the Hawaii Attorney Generals Office  This clearly shows that the auto theft clearance rate has been less than 10 percent for a decade, dropping to only 4.3 percent in 2012.  There can be several reasons for this.

One of the most important reasons is because Hawaii is a series of islands which make shipping stolen vehicles and parts out of the state much easier than a landlocked state.

Another is that there are only a few V.I.N (Vehicle Identification Numbers) printed or etched into an automobile.  Most of the criminal elements know exactly where they are located and how to remove them or clone them with ease.  Once your automobile is stolen, it can reach a "Chop Shop" within minutes and in some cases, can be completely disassembled and/or placed in a shipping container within an hour.  This can all happen before the vehicle is discovered to be stolen by the owner and reported to the police.

Recoveri Microdots are the Answer

There are many anti-theft or theft-deterrent devices and solutions in the market.  Most offer only limited protection and some offer no protection at all.  Recoveri Microdots are far more powerful for several reasons.  Here are our Recoveri "Top Ten"

1) Our Microdots are only 1mm x 1mm in size which is almost invisible to the naked eye, making it very difficult for a criminal to detect.

2) We saturate your assets with anywhere from 25 to 15,000 of these tiny Microdots, making it nearly impossible for a criminal to remove all of them.

3) Each Microdot contains your special number that is registered in our secure database to you, and your asset, and can only be read with special equipment.

4) Even if your vehicle is stolen and chopped into numerous pieces to be resold as individual parts, there will be Microdots on almost every part.

5) Our International database alows us to recover your assets anywhere in the World.

6) Our Recoveri Microdots do not rely on a GPS infrastructure to operate, therefore GPS jamming equipment is useless to the criminals.

7) Recoveri Microdots have been proven to steer criminals away from your assets because they know that they only have to be caught with one dot to go to jail.

8) Recoveri Microdots not only protect the asset, but they protect the owner as well. Our unique database charts the life of the dot from fitment to transfer of ownership to recovery.

9) Because of our recovery rate, insurance companies loss ratios are largely decreased, keeping rates lower.

10) Recoveri Microdots are a 'Win Win" solution for everyone except the criminals!

On behalf of the Recoveri USA team as well as your new Hawaii distributor, Wendell Takata, we give the gift of our advanced Microdot technology to all of the Hawaii residents, business owners and insurance companies.  Mahalo!