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VIN Microdots vs PIN Microdots

VIN Microdot vs PIN Microdot – MIB Motor Vehicles
We feel obliged to draw the attention to the Risk (pitfalls) and costs (additional) of specifying VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) Microdots as opposed to PIN (Personal Identification Number) Microdots.

VIN Microdots were used in 2000 to 2006 when databases were not available to query PIN microdot numbers, which in turn, are linked to Vehicle VIN numbers. Ultimately, Law Enforcement agents are the end user of microdot technology in order to identify stolen or cloned vehicles and further use microdotting as a forensic tool!

Furthermore, VIN microdots were used to prove warranty claims with the misconception that it was easier for the OEM / MIB.

The Industry use of VIN Microdots was shortsighted due to risk and confusion caused when second hand car parts were re-cycled onto vehicles already in the car park!

Law enforcement officers worldwide are against the practice of using VIN Numbers on microdots as this leads to the potential risk of unlawful arrests due to Microdot VIN mismatch (for whatever reason) to vehicle VIN; especially at VISPOL (Visible Policing) level.

Any current Microdot manufacturer or Provider who knowingly still condones the Microdot VIN practice, when they are well aware of the above risks, have no concern for the end user. The current markets worldwide have moved towards consumer protection and thus eliminating any risk that may adversely affect any consumer. MIB’s / OEM’s are at risk due to these trends.

Major Motor Manufacturers (VWSA, Daimler Chrysler, Scania, BMW SA Motorcycles, FORD SA, Mahindra SA, Volvo, TATA Trucks, Yamaha Motor Cycles and Honda SA, to mention a few), have adopted the PIN Method of Micro dotting due to the above inherent risks involved and the vast cost savings achieved!

MIB’s that have successfully migrated from VIN Microdots to PIN Microdots, experience major cost savings of 45% and in some cases an even higher percentage saving.

Furthermore, PIN Microdots add an additional level of security as the VIN number is no longer displayed on the microdot but housed in a secure database.

Please see Risk / Cost matrix, as per Annexe A, compiled as an objective tool to evaluate the best solution for Motor Vehicle MIB’s and OEM’s.